Avril Lavigne: Punk Princess
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Avril Lavigne: Punk Princess

an article about avril lavigne

Avril Lavigne burst upon the music scene, in the midst of Barbie-style pop princesses like Britney Spears and Mandy Moore. Avril wanted to be an  anti-type of the other girls in the pop world. Early, in her career she wore ties, and button down shirts with baggie pants lined with chains. Her eyes were decorated with slightly smudged mascara. She was the girl against baby doll tops, and belly button rings. Sometimes, she seemed like she wanted to wear certain looks to seem completely different to her pop princess peers.

As time went on, her image has softened a bit. She is still edgy, but pop's punk princess has started letting her girly side show. She wears dresses with flowers in her hair, especially in her recent perfume ad, for her latest fragrance, "Forbidden Rose."  Still enjoys beauty with an edge, but she embraces more lace at times than skulls. Her eyes are still ridden with her signature smudged make-up, but gone are the ties and chains. She now seems to being a girl who adapts to different looks. 

At her wedding, Avril embraced the traditional wedding Cinderella look. She embraced the romantic elegance of a Hollywood star. Her romantic style was in direct contrast to her street and her short film looks. At the reception, the room was decorated in gothic style reflecting the couple's personal style. Avril Lavigne went through slight changes in fashion.

 Her typical style has softened, but she still stays true to her career roots. In the short film, "Hot" Avril stole more looks from pop diva, Christina Aguilera. She looked like she was an extra straight out of the film, "Moulin Rouge." She was lingerie chic. She seems more apt to show her flirty side as she has aged. No longer a typical tomb boy, she embraces feminine fashion. In latest video, she takes some looks from the 1980's. She seems to be shopping at a retro store, but is funky yet stylish.

Avril Lavigne is still relatively young in her career, and her fashion sense. She has started fashion trends for young girls like her peers. Young girls could be seen rocking the ties and punk chic. One thing is for sure, she will always be more of a skater girl, than a high fashion diva. 

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I like Avril. And you described her so well. Voted up

Thank you, Dame016!