Is the Ancient Art of Tattooing Safe?
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Is the Ancient Art of Tattooing Safe?

Tattooing an art on the body from ancient days. It has a history of thousands of years, practised in ancient civilizations. Today, tattooing is gaining popularity all over the world. It offers special identification and self-esteem. Although tattooing is gaining popularity nowadays, this permanent art on the body has advantages and disadvantages.

Tattoo, the ancient art of imprinting on the body, has become the trend of the modern world. It has been a mark of sentiments. It has been a ritual in some cultures. Today, it is gaining popularity everywhere among young and old. Tattoo is an art work on the body made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment and draw a picture. There are many references in ancient literatures and archeological discoveries about the practice of tattoo. In the recent decades tattooing has become an art of world fashion. This art has gained more popularity recently since it is said to be an identification for medical information about patients. It is interesting to learn that tattooing is performed on patients to let others know about their medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems, and help the patients in case of emergency.

Although tattooing is becoming popular, it has many advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of tattoos

1) It is an art of ornament on the body. It keeps up good emotions and expresses sentiments. It gives one a kind of satisfaction.

2) It is a symbol of self-esteem. A tattoo can express your personal, artistic or meaningful messages.

3) Some people have tattoos on them to remind them of their goals and beliefs.

4) Many people consider it as an identification mark. Nowadays it is applied in medical tattooing to inform about the patients.

Disadvantages of tattooing

1) First of all, having a tattoo on the body is a risky job. You have to be careful in selecting the tattoo professional and the part of the body you want to have a tattoo.

2) Tattoo is one form of art  which is  permanent on the body and it is technically very difficult to remove the tattoo completely from the body.

3) Tattooing is painful. It is performed by inserting needles. Tattooing has posed health risks in some way, through the needles and other formalities.

4) Parlors used for tattooing are to be clean and free from bacteria and virus. Infection may occur through the ink, or the equipments the artist uses.

5) Tattoo causes allergic conditions in many. Some people experience a rash at the site of the tattoo seen as small red bumps.

6) Tattoo artists usually dilute the marking ink with distilled or purified water. But there are cases of infections occurred by unsterilized ink and water. In many cases the ink or water used was found to be the cause of skin infection. Mycobacteria, leading to infections, were found in them.

7) In some cases of tattooing, it was found that contamination occurred not because of the artist but because of some unsafe practices or tainted ingredients involved in the process.

8) Although tattoo parlors provide ointments for preventing infection, the oils may not be effective for all people. If this infection is untreated, the bacteria may cause various syndromes, such as lung disease, eye diseases and infections.

Tattoo has become a modern fashion. Youth of modern world take pride in having tattoo on their body. It is better to think twice before one goes for this venture about its safety for health.

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Comments (8)

In the Philippines, people with tatoo are ban from donating blood because of impurities cause by tatooing in the blood, good article my friend.

It is pretty safe in most places here in Canada, but I still would not get one!

I recently had a conversation about this topic and the pros/cons. Well written!

Revisiting. Very detailed post. Thanks dear Paulose.

I have two tattoos, one is very large and covers half of my arm.  However, I was barred from donating blood for two years when I received each one.  I love them and am happy with my decision, but they can be dangerous if you don't visit a reputable artist who uses clean tattooing safety techniques, great article!

This article opened my eyes. I never thought about health risks and always assumed tattoos are safe. It's good to know the facts.

I've never been a fan as I don't like the idea of deliberately altering my body permanently (I'd probably regret it). I imagine what some of these tattoos will look like on these younger bodies when they are much older and I don't think it will look very good. A very informative and interesting article Paulose. Thank you. :-)

Back for another read of your great article!