Madonna: Ultimate Material Girl
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Madonna: Ultimate Material Girl

an article about Madonna.

Madonna has been in the public's eye since the early 1980's. She has become a pop icon and queen, while maintaining her status as a fashion icon. Every move she has ever made has been well documented by the press and her throngs of fans. She has multiple albums and hits. She is known for recreating her look and style for every new album, and music video. Before there was Lady Gaga, or even teen pop queen, Britney Spears there was a girl simply known as Madonna. One word, one name and everyone almost on the entire planet knows who you are talking about: she is simply that famous.

Her influence on music is very well known, but her influence on the world of fashion is equally staggering. Where she is deemed as best dressed of the night, or worst dressed she always get photographed and noticed. Madonna proves that you can still have a worldwide impact without being 19. This is a mature woman, with a lot of life experience whose look and style have evolved and mature over many decades. She and her teen daughter, even has a clothing line together proving that she is still very much a material girl, and that she loves couture fashion just as much as any woman or star on the red carpet.

Madonna has never been one to follow trends she sets them. Fans who worship at her feet, are often more than half her age. She is a diva whether she rocks a pointy bra, or an Alexander McQueen gown. She got the world talking about sex and human nature, but she also got us talking about fashion and Vogue as well. Her idols seem to include Marilyn Monroe and basic controversy itself. She just might be the most photographed woman of all time. Her music videos themselves have reached iconic statuses, and fashion appears to be a steady part of each of them. Her world tours also feature fashion ads as a major part of them as well, she is like the ultimate human billboard.

Madonna has had a career that most people will never reach in their lives. She has had commercial success and box-office bombs, but through it all she has continually proved that she is here to stay. She will always grooving, speaking her mind, and making many fashion waves in the world of high end fashion world. Here and now, she will always continue to be the world's ultimate material girl.

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Comments (8)

Thank you for a great amount of info about Madonna that I did not know. Written well!

You're so kind.

Great article! You really know how to capture the essence of famous people.

Thank you so much, Sharla. I do like the pop culture. Do you like Madonna?

I prefer her older tunes (I guess that dates me, doesn't it?) What impresses me is her tenacity and ability to re-invent herself. Plus, she should be really proud to have a body like she does, especially at 50+ years. Amazing!

I prefer her older songs as well.

I never liked her until I heard this beautiful voice sing a song about Argentina, which was for the movie. Madonna, to my surprise, was the singer, and played in the movie.

I love that song too, do you like her better now.