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Last answer by maria cristina espano 64 months ago +0 votes:
yes, there are many beautiful and trendy pieces at Calijoules that can go with just about any kind of outfit and perfect for any occasion. They're very affordable, too. The Bead Chain Wrap bracelet, for instance, is a must-have that costs less than $15 only. more
Last answer by Kimberley Heit 66 months ago +0 votes:
Since it is such an exclusive event they are typically by invite only and those invited are generally buyers, media representatives from top tier publications, celebrities, or well to do customers . Sometimes there are a few backdoor ways to get in. For example, there is the odd contest giving away seats as a prize. Sometimes certain groups like credit card loyalty programs or ... more
Last answer by Kimberley Heit 66 months ago +0 votes:
It has come back into style with the 1980s fashion that has been available, but it hasn't really been a look that has taken off in mainstream circles again. Howere lately 1960s looks with big hair hair behind a headband have been popping up a lot so you could try this variation. more
Last answer by Bill Vertard 70 months ago +0 votes:
I would never hire someone with a tongue, lip or nose piercing. Same goes with some tatoos. If the individual makes that kind of error in judgement, what kind of damage would he do with my equipment? more
Last answer by Kathleen Murphy 87 months ago +1 votes:
Advertising in this forum is not cool. more
Last answer by Sy Kravitz 101 months ago +1 votes:
Well, Ms or Mr Guest, I wrote a Factoid about fashion, but that was back in January, when it was cold and everybody was in the dumps. I saw then a continuing lack of color palette (except for greys, black and brown), which has pretty much been the case, until very recently. Katie Couric is my fashion barometer, and when she starts wearing a bit of color on her newscast (deep purple suit or a rose ... more
Last answer by Sy Kravitz 103 months ago +1 votes:
Hey - it's all about neutral colors, including lots of black, and little glitz. (Glitz is mainly gone - with the possible exception of Oscar night). Expect more hand-painting, silk-screening and embellishment on plain garments (like shirts and skirts. Also more Made in America. Check out my 2009 fashion prediction factoid for more info. If you follow Katie Couric, she's a good fashion barometer fo... more