What is the Difference Between Emo and Goth Fashion?
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What is the Difference Between Emo and Goth Fashion?

What is the difference between emo and goth? What is emo fashion? How to dress emo? What is goth fashion? How to dress goth? What do goths wear? What do emos wear? Are emos and goths the same? Learn more about how fashion defines the emo look. Learn more about how fashion defines the goth look.

Anyone who is either Emo, or Goth, or has been emo or goth, can easily spot the difference in regards to which is which, however other people are quite confused since it would seem that both often involve wearing a lot of black.

In the most simplest of forms Emo fashion is tight, and rather plain in design, in comparison to most goth fashion, which tends to prefer the tight waist, but often incorporates flaring skirts, shoulders, or even cuffs. Hair is also a defining part of either style.

What is Goth?

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The whole concept of goth fashion is not easy to define since there are several different looks, from the leather goths, to the vampire goths, to the Victorian goths. Goths are not afraid to add color, keeping black as their main color; they will sometimes add red, purple, or even hot pink, to their wardrobe. Favorite fabrics often include velvet and patent leather.

Footwear in goth fashionable is often black leather shoes or boots often adorned with silver.

As far as fashion accessories, goths will often wear silver chains, which are sometimes adorned with crosses, ankhs, skulls, or other symbols. It is not uncommon for both men, and women, to wear make up, including lipstick. Hair is often black.

Goths are actually very fashion conscious.

What is Emo?

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Emo is short for Emotional. Their fashion often includes tight pants, which are not always black and can be plaid or other bright colors. Usually short sleeve “band” T-shirts are worn. Symbols of skulls and hearts are common. When jewelry is worn it is usually simple, although wrist bracelets, and watches, are common. Studded belts are often worn.

In many cases emo style is vintage, but not quite as vintage as goth style.

As far as footwear goes emos are likely to wear canvas sneakers, either black and white, or colorful.

The hair cuts were originally very clean and simple but are now often choppy with bangs over the face. The preferred hair color for emo fashion was once all black but now is often colorful. Eye make up is often worn heavily by both males and females, although guys are wearing less now than in recent years.

Emo is typically more associated with the teenage years and is generally a “look” people grow out of by their mid-twenties, where as goth fashion is something people are more likely to get into in their twenties and wear until they are much older.

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Comments (9)

Very interesting, a niece of mine had an episode in high school with being a Goth, but it did not last too long. Voted & tweeted!

Great information!

I learned about both of these from your article.Thank you.

Never knew any of these information before, Thanks Brenda for this informative write-up

I am trying to recall one yahoo news in the Middle east that gays and males wearing emo style clothes are being murdered indiscriminately, good job!

Good comparison, I hope my kids choose neither fashion (joke). FB liked, Brenda.

Ranked #1 in Fashion Trends

Excellent discussion. I've always been unclear about the differences.

nice comparison..i don't like any of it

Lol!  Thihs takes me back.  I wore nothing but black and vamp lipstick and nail polish and black crushed velvet dresses and velvet chokers for the last two years of high school, haha!